Book Chapters

1       Plasmonic Catalysis, Photoredox Chemistry, and Photosynthesis

         Sungju Yu, Prashant K. Jain

         In Plasmonic Catalysis: From Fundamentals to Applications, 2021, 1st Ed, pp137-164

         Edited by Pedro H. C. Camargo and Emiliano Cortés, Wiley, ISBN 9783527347506


2       A Titania Film Having Nanoporous Array with Structural Color and the Preparation Method of the Same

          구조색을 지닌 이산화티탄 나노기공성 필름 및 그 제조방법

         Jongheop Yi, Ha Nee Umh, Sungju Yu, Yong Hwa Kim, Su Young Lee 

         Korean Patent No. 10-1753529, 06/27/2017

         (Applied Patent No. 10-2016-0065563, 05/27/2016)

1       Plasmonic Core-Shell Structure with Three Component System for Visible Light Energy Conversion and Method for 

         Synthesizing Thereof

          가시광선 범위의 광에너지 변환을 위한 3성분계로 이루어진 플라즈모닉 코어-쉘 나노구조체 및 그 제조방법

         Jongheop Yi, Sungju Yu, Yong Hwa Kim, Su Young Lee, Hyeon Don Song

         Korean Patent No. 10-1724391, 04/07/2017

         (Applied Patent No. 10-2014-0175186, 12/08/2014)