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12/15/2023  |  Our lab is a participant in the LAMP project, which is supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea. This initiative receives a funding allocation of KRW 14.8 billion over 5 years. [photo]

10/25/2023  |  Sungju was honored with an invitation to the Special Symposium for Young Chemists at the annual Fall Meeting of The Korean Chemical Society (KCS), where he delivered a presentation highlighting recent advancements in plasmonic catalysis research.

08/04/2023  |  Juneseo has been awarded the Best Oral Presentation at the Hydrogen Symposium, which was jointly organized by Ajou University, Chung-Ang University, and Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Congratulations to Juneseo!

06/14/2023  |  Yeongju has earned the Undergraduate Internship Program Research Award for her collaborative research with Juneseo on "Single Atom Photocatalysts for Solar Hydrogen Production." Congratulations to Yeongju! [photo]

04/07/2023  |  Sungju was invited to the Spring Meeting of The Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS) and delivered a presentation on carbon fixation research.

03/15/2023  |  Our latest work was selected as a 2022 JCP Editor's Choice article, which is available for free download here for 2023.

03/02/2023  |  Congratulations to Yeongju for being awarded the Hydrogen Research Undergraduate Scholarship from the Department of Chemistry.

02/14/2023  |  Sungju delivered an invited lecture on plasmonic photocatalysis at Gachon University. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Prof. Sang Yun Han for the invitation and for organizing the seminar!

02/10/2023  |  We visited Chiba University in Japan for a joint international symposium. During the event, Sungju delivered a presentation on activating endoergic reactions using hot-electron chemistry. Sanghyuk and Jaemin showcased their research through poster presentations. We are pleased to announce that Sanghyuk received the Poster Award for his work titled "collecting hot carriers from slow light." Congratulations to Sanghyuk!

02/08/2023  |  Sungju gave a presentation on nonequilibrium charge carrier harvesting at RIKEN in Japan. Many thanks to Prof. Yousoo Kim for hosting and extending the invitation for the seminar!

01/26/2023  |  We warmly welcome Yeongju to join our hydrogen research project as an undergraduate researcher.




12/07/2022  |  Juneseo won the Undergraduate Internship Program Research Award. Congratulations to Junseo!

11/29/2022  |  Our group was introduced in a webzine published by the C1 Gas Refinery R&D Center. [link]

11/25/2022  |  Juneseo won the Paper Award at the KHNES fall meeting, which was featured in Ajou news. [linkHe presented his work on "Sunlight-driven hydrogen production with Pt catalysts". Congratulations to Juneseo! 

11/03/2022  |  Sungju gave an invited talk at the Recent Research Trend on Energy Materials Section of The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) Fall Meeting, DCC, Daejeon.


10/04/2022  |  Our group is accredited as a safety lab by the Ministry of Science and ICT, which was featured in Ajou news [link]. Thanks and congratulations to the lab members who take great care in safety.

09/24/2022  |  We participated in the Chemistry and Energy Outreach Program where we introduced the principle of green hydrogen production-fuel cell system and supported hands-on activities.

09/13/2022  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on artificial photosynthesis with plasmonic catalysts at the Department of Molecular Science & Technology, Ajou University.

07/01/2022  |  Welcome Junseo, who joins our hydrogen research project as an undergraduate researcher.

06/16/2022  |  Our recent paper has been featured on the Journal of Chemical Physics's main homepage.

06/01/2022  |  Our paper has been selected as a Featured Article in the Journal of Chemical Physics, which will be displayed on the journal's homepage and social media platforms.

05/25/2022  |  Our study found that plasmonic chemistry was promoted by plasmonic-photonic superimposed heterostructures. This research paper will be published in the Journal of Chemical Physics as an invited article in the upcoming special topic on plasmon-driven energy conversion, guest-edited by Prof. Jain (UIUC), Prof. Wei (U of Florida), and Prof. Kim (SNU). Congratulations to Sanghyuk on his first publication!

05/20/2022  |  Sungju was invited as a speaker for hydrogen production and CO2 conversion at the 21st Symposium on Clean Technology hosted by the Institute of Clean Technology, Yeungnam University. Thanks to the Institute and Prof. Youngsoo Kim for the invitation!

03/01/2022  |  We welcome postdoctoral research scholar Dr. Azam Nasirian, who joins us following a postdoc at the Ewha Womans University.

02/08/2022  |  Our green hydrogen production technology (Patent Application No. 10-2022-0006275) has been transferred to a company.

01/04/2022  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on opportunities and challenges of artificial photosynthesis technology at the Institute for Advanced Engineering (IAE). Many thanks to Dr. Young-Don Yoo for the invitation!


12/08/2021  |  Jaemin won the Research Award in the Undergraduate Internship Program. He presented his co-work with Jiyong on "Enhancement of H2 Evolution Reaction with a Promoter". Congratulations to Jaemin! [photo]

11/04/2021  |  Sungju has been selected as an awardee of the Miwon Award for Young Scientists. Many thanks to the Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. and the KSIEC! [photo]

08/11/2021  |  The NanofixLab is introduced in CHEMWORLD, a magazine issued by the Korean Chemical Society (KCS). [link]

05/21/2021  |  Sungju won the Ajou University Research Award.  

05/14/2021  |  Sungju gave an award talk at Young Scientist Forum of The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) Spring Meeting, BEXCO, Busan.

05/12/2021  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on solar energy harvesting at the Department of Physics, Ajou University. Many thanks to Prof. Hosung Seo for the invitation and organizing the webinar!

05/01/2021  |  A book titled "Plasmonic Catalysis" 1st edition by Pedro H. C. Camargo and Emiliano Cortés (Wiley) has been released where we and Prof. Jain (UIUC) contributed to a chapter on Plasmonic Catalysis, Photoredox Chemistry, and Photosynthesis. [link] This book includes comprehensive discussion of the foundational and advanced topics in plasmonic catalysis. Google Books link here

04/27/2021  |  Our collaboration study on β‐alkylation of alcohols over multi N‐heterocyclic carbene (NHC)‐modified iridium catalysts is published online in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis. [link]

03/24/2021  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on renewable energy harvesting at e-conference of the Korean Society of Clean Technology (KSCT) spring meeting and international symposium. Many thanks to Prof. Ji Bong Joo for the invitation!

03/17/2021  |  The NanofixLab is featured in AJOUINSIGHT, a magazine issued by Ajou Univ. [link]

03/10/2021  |  Sungju presented on manipulation of light, matter, and energy at the Department of Chemistry, KAIST. Many thanks to Prof. Jeong Young Park for the invitation and organizing the seminar!

02/24/2021  |  Sungju gave a talk on light harvesting for the renewable generation of fuels at the online joint international symposium of Ajou University and Chiba University (Japan).

01/01/2021  |  We start new year with 2 graduate and 1 undergraduate researchers. Welcome Neda Poudineh (ChemE), Sanghyuk Lee (Chem), and Jiyong Park (Chem) to the group!



12/02/2020  |  Sungju attended the Convergence Symposium hosted by Research Institute for Basic Science where he made a speech and discussed for the preparation of Industrial Cooperation Center (ICC) program.

11/25/2020  |  Sungju gave a talk on addressing global warming with artificial photosynthesis and career paths for chemical engineers at the online seminar hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering.

10/28/2020  |  Sungju attended the joint symposium of the Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) and the Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) where energy-environmental material and catalyst technology for a sustainable future were discussed.

10/15/2020  |  Sungju discussed carbon fixation on plasmonic catalysts at the online symposium for catalysts and reaction engineering of the KIChE.

10/15/2020  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on catalytic transformation of photons into chemical bonds at the online symposium for young researchers of the KIChE.

09/16/2020  |  Sungju gave a talk on next-generation energy and environment research for undergraduates of the Department of Chemistry, Ajou University.

09/09/2020  |  We welcome Jiyong, Sanghyuk, and Minji, who join our group as undergraduate researchers for 2020 Fall undergraduate internship program.

09/08/2020  |  Our experimental and theoretical isotope study finds that hole-mediated water oxidation is a critical limiting step in plasmonic photosynthesis. This research paper is published online in Angewandte Chemie.

09/01/2020  |  The NanofixLab is moved to the Department of Energy Systems Research and Department of Chemistry, Ajou University.

04/28/2020  |  Our contribution article on plasmonic photosynthesis is published in Catalysis, issued by KIChE.

03/17/2020  |  Our article is selected as a 2019 Top 50 Nature Communications Article in Chemistry and Materials Sciences. Browse all top 50 collections here.

03/01/2020  |  We welcome Sungwoo, who joins our group as an undergraduate researcher for KIST co-op internship program.

02/11/2020  |  Group website has been posted.

01/10/2020  |  Our review article on plasmonic photoredox chemistry and catalysis is published in MRS Bulletin.

01/01/2020  |  Our paper on the chemical potential of plasmonic excitations is published online in Angewandte Chemie.

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