12/08/2021  |  Jaemin won the Research Award in the Undergraduate Internship Program. He presented his co-work with Jiyong on "Enhancement of H2 Evolution Reaction with a Promoter". Congratulations to Jaemin! [photo]

11/04/2021  |  Sungju has been selected as an awardee of the Miwon Award for Young Scientists. Many thanks to the Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. and the KSIEC! [photo]

08/11/2021  |  The NanofixLab is introduced in CHEMWORLD, a magazine issued by the Korean Chemical Society (KCS). [link]

05/21/2021  |  Sungju won the Ajou University Research Award.  

05/14/2021  |  Sungju gave an award talk at Young Scientist Forum of The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) Spring Meeting, BEXCO, Busan.

05/12/2021  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on solar energy harvesting at the Department of Physics, Ajou University. Many thanks to Prof. Hosung Seo for the invitation and organizing the webinar!

05/01/2021  |  A book titled "Plasmonic Catalysis" 1st edition by Pedro H. C. Camargo and Emiliano Cortés (Wiley) has been released where we and Prof. Jain (UIUC) contributed to a chapter on Plasmonic Catalysis, Photoredox Chemistry, and Photosynthesis. [link] This book includes comprehensive discussion of the foundational and advanced topics in plasmonic catalysis. Google Books link here

04/27/2021  |  Our collaboration study on β‐alkylation of alcohols over multi N‐heterocyclic carbene (NHC)‐modified iridium catalysts is published online in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis. [link]

03/24/2021  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on renewable energy harvesting at e-conference of the Korean Society of Clean Technology (KSCT) spring meeting and international symposium. Many thanks to Prof. Ji Bong Joo for the invitation!

03/17/2021  |  The NanofixLab is featured in AJOUINSIGHT, a magazine issued by Ajou Univ. [link]

03/10/2021  |  Sungju presented on manipulation of light, matter, and energy at the Department of Chemistry, KAIST. Many thanks to Prof. Jeong Young Park for the invitation and organizing the seminar!

02/24/2021  |  Sungju gave a talk on light harvesting for the renewable generation of fuels at the online joint international symposium of Ajou University and Chiba University (Japan).

01/01/2021  |  We start new year with 2 graduate and 1 undergraduate researchers. Welcome Neda Poudineh (ChemE), Sanghyuk Lee (Chem), and Jiyong Park (Chem) to the group!



12/02/2020  |  Sungju attended the Convergence Symposium hosted by Research Institute for Basic Science where he made a speech and discussed for the preparation of Industrial Cooperation Center (ICC) program.

11/25/2020  |  Sungju gave a talk on addressing global warming with artificial photosynthesis and career paths for chemical engineers at the online seminar hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering.

10/28/2020  |  Sungju attended the joint symposium of the Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) and the Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) where energy-environmental material and catalyst technology for a sustainable future were discussed.

10/15/2020  |  Sungju discussed carbon fixation on plasmonic catalysts at the online symposium for catalysts and reaction engineering of the KIChE.

10/15/2020  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on catalytic transformation of photons into chemical bonds at the online symposium for young researchers of the KIChE.

09/16/2020  |  Sungju gave a talk on next-generation energy and environment research for undergraduates of the Department of Chemistry, Ajou University.

09/09/2020  |  We welcome Jiyong, Sanghyuk, and Minji, who join our group as undergraduate researchers for 2020 Fall undergraduate internship program.

09/08/2020  |  Our experimental and theoretical isotope study finds that hole-mediated water oxidation is a critical limiting step in plasmonic photosynthesis. This research paper is published online in Angewandte Chemie.

09/01/2020  |  The NanofixLab is moved to the Department of Energy Systems Research and Department of Chemistry, Ajou University.

04/28/2020  |  Our contribution article on plasmonic photosynthesis is published in Catalysis, issued by KIChE.

03/17/2020  |  Our article is selected as a 2019 Top 50 Nature Communications Article in Chemistry and Materials Sciences. Browse all top 50 collections here.

03/01/2020  |  We welcome Sungwoo, who joins our group as an undergraduate researcher for KIST co-op internship program.

02/11/2020  |  Group website has been posted.

01/10/2020  |  Our review article on plasmonic photoredox chemistry and catalysis is published in MRS Bulletin.

01/01/2020  |  Our paper on the chemical potential of plasmonic excitations is published online in Angewandte Chemie.


12/01/2019  |  Sungju joins KIST as a senior research scientist.