Our research focuses on understanding and engineering of mechanism and kinetics of chemical processes occurring on surfaces or interfaces of heterogeneous catalysts. In this regard, we perform nano- and hetero-structuring of metal, metal oxide, and quantum dot materials to promote catalytic activity, selectivity, and stability. Our current theme is on sustainable chemistry using light-matter interactions to degrade harmful pollutants in air/water and convert them to more useful forms. We are particularly enthusiastic about reactions revolving around small molecules such as hydrogen, water, methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, which are at the center of energy and environment issues. Please move to RESEARCH tab for further information.


We are looking for graduate students with a background/experience in chemical/material/environmental/energy/mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, or relevant disciplines. Please contact sungjuyu@ajou.ac.kr if you have any queries.

Group News   [more]

02/24/2021  |  Sungju gave a talk on light harvesting for the renewable generation of fuels at the online joint international symposium of Ajou University and Chiba University (Japan).

01/01/2021  |  We start new year with 2 graduate and 1 undergraduate researchers. Welcome Neda Poudineh (ChemE), Sanghyuk Lee (Chem), and Jiyong Park (Chem) to the group!


12/02/2020  |  Sungju attended the Convergence Symposium hosted by Research Institute for Basic Science where he made a speech and discussed for the preparation of Industrial Cooperation Center (ICC) program.

11/25/2020  |  Sungju gave a talk on addressing global warming with artificial photosynthesis and career paths for chemical engineers at the online seminar hosted by the Department of Chemical Engineering.

10/28/2020  |  Sungju attended the joint symposium of the Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) and the Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) where energy-environmental material and catalyst technology for a sustainable future were discussed.

10/15/2020  |  Sungju discussed carbon fixation on plasmonic catalysts at the online symposium for catalysts and reaction engineering of the KIChE.

10/15/2020  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on catalytic transformation of photons into chemical bonds at the online symposium for young researchers of the KIChE.

09/16/2020  |  Sungju gave a talk on next-generation energy and environment research for undergraduates of the Department of Chemistry, Ajou University.

09/09/2020  |  We welcome Jiyong, Sanghyuk, and Minji, who join our group as undergraduate researchers for 2020 Fall undergraduate internship program.

09/08/2020  |  Our experimental and theoretical isotope study finds that hole-mediated water oxidation is a critical limiting step in plasmonic photosynthesis. This research paper is published online in Angewandte Chemie.

09/01/2020  |  The NanofixLab is moved to the Department of Energy Systems Research and Department of Chemistry, Ajou University.

04/28/2020  |  Our contribution article on plasmonic photosynthesis is published in Catalysis, issued by KIChE.

03/17/2020  |  Our article is selected as a 2019 Top 50 Nature Communications Article in Chemistry and Materials Sciences. Browse all top 50 collections here.

03/01/2020  |  We welcome Sungwoo, who joins our group as an undergraduate researcher for KIST co-op internship program.

02/11/2020  |  Group website has been posted.

01/10/2020  |  Our review article on plasmonic photoredox chemistry and catalysis is published in MRS Bulletin.

01/01/2020  |  Our paper on the chemical potential of plasmonic excitations is published online in Angewandte Chemie.

Recent Publications   [more]

대학원생 연구원 및 학부 연수생 모집 안내

아주대학교 에너지시스템학과와 화학과에 위치한 우리 연구실은 에너지, 환경 문제와 관련되어 해결이 시급한 사회적 이슈로 관심 받는 수소 에너지, 이산화탄소 재자원화, 미세먼지 등과 관련된 기초과학 및 나노기술을 연구 개발합니다. 해당 연구(자세한 사항은 RESEARCH 탭 참고 또는 아래 연락처로 문의)에 관심 있는 대학원생 연구원 및 학부 연수생을 아래와 같이 모집합니다.

1. 주요 연구분야

   ▶ 금속, 금속산화물, 퀀텀닷 나노소재 합성 및 특성 분석

   ▶ 빛-물질 상호작용 원리 이해 및 응용

   ▶ 2차 미세먼지 생성물 제거 또는 실내공기 정화를 위한 광촉매 소재/공정 개발 및 반응 화학

   ▶ 친환경 연료 생산과 에너지 전환 저장을 위한 촉매 소재/공정 개발 및 반응 화학

        (예 : 이산화탄소/질소/메탄 전환 및 활용, 물/암모니아 분해 수소 생산 기술 개발 등)

2. 모집 정보

   ▶ 대학원생 연구원 : 국내외 4년제 대학교 학사학위 기취득자 또는 동등의 학점취득인증자

   ▶ 전공 학과 : 화학, 화학공학, 재료공학, 에너지공학, 환경공학, 물리 및 관련 학과

   ▶ 모집 인원 : 대학원생 2명 + 학부 연수생 1명 (2021-2학기 입학 기준)

   ▶ 모집 일정 : 매년 5월 초 (가을학기 입학) + 11월 초 (봄학기 입학)

   ▶ 자세한 전형절차 및 응시자격(예: 영어성적 제출 등)은 아주대학교 홈페이지 참고 [Link]

3. 장학금 및 지원

   ▶ 장학금(대학원 과정) : BK 장학금 + 연구과제 참여에 따른 학위 과정 별 차등 지급

   ▶ 국내외 학술대회 논문 발표 및 워크숍 참여 지원

   ▶ 연구 및 교육 프로그램 지원

4. 문의

   ▶ 이메일 : sungjuyu@ajou.ac.kr

   ▶ 전화 : 031-219-2448

   ▶ 위치 : 아주대학교 에너지센터 508-1호 (에너지시스템학과, 화학과)

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