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Wireless H2 Evolution in Water under Visible Light Irradiation

H2 Fuel Cell Vehicle

We focus on the understanding and control of the mechanism and kinetics of chemical processes occurring on surfaces or interfaces of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts. Our current theme is sustainable chemistry and next-generation renewable energy technologies using light-matter interactions on the nanoscale. We are particularly enthusiastic about reactions revolving around small molecules such as hydrogen, water, methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Please move to the RESEARCH tab for further information.


We are looking for graduate students with a background or experience in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, material engineering, or relevant disciplines. Please contact if you have any queries.

Group News   [more]

03/15/2023  |  Our latest work was selected as a 2022 JCP Editor's Choice article, which is available for free download here for 2023.

02/15/2023  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on plasmonic photocatalysis at Gachon University. Many thanks to Prof. Sang Yun Han for the invitation and organizing the seminar!

02/10/2023  |  We visited Chiba University (Japan) for joint international symposium. Sungju gave a talk on activating endoergic reactions with hot-electron chemistry. Sanghyuk and Jaemin presented their works in posters. Sanghyuk won the Poster Award on "Collecting hot carriers from slow light". Congratulations to Sanghyuk!

02/08/2023  |  Sungju presented on nonequilibrium charge carrier harvesting at RIKEN, Japan. Many thanks to Prof. Yousoo Kim for hosting and inviting the seminar!

01/26/2023  |  We welcome Yeong Ju to join our hydrogen research project as an undergraduate researcher.

12/07/2022  |  Juneseo won the Undergraduate Internship Program Research Award. Congratulations to Junseo!

11/29/2022  |  Our group was introduced in a webzine published by the C1 Gas Refinery R&D Center. [link]

11/25/2022  |  Juneseo won the Paper Award at the KHNES fall meeting, which was featured in Ajou news [link]. He presented his work on "Sunlight-driven hydrogen production with Pt catalysts". Congratulations to Juneseo!

11/03/2022  |  Sungju gave an invited talk at the Recent Research Trend on Energy Materials Section of The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (KSIEC) Fall Meeting, DCC, Daejeon.

10/04/2022  |  Our group is accredited as a safety lab by the Ministry of Science and ICT, which was featured in Ajou new [link]. Thanks and congratulations to the lab members who take great care in safety.

09/24/2022  |  We participated in the Chemistry and Energy Outreach Program where we introduced the principle of green hydrogen production-fuel cell system and supported hands-on activities.

09/13/2022  |  Sungju gave an invited talk on artificial photosynthesis with plasmonic catalysts at the Department of Molecular Science & Technology, Ajou University.

07/01/2022  |  Welcome Junseo, who joins our hydrogen research project as an undergraduate researcher.

06/16/2022  |  Our recent paper has been featured on the Journal of Chemical Physics's main homepage.

06/01/2022  |  Our paper has been selected as a Featured Article in the Journal of Chemical Physics, which will be displayed on the journal's homepage and social media platforms.

Selected Publications   [more]

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대학원생 연구원 및 학부 연수생 모집 안내

우리 연구실은 나노 스케일에서 빛과 물질의 상호작용을 이용하여 유해 화학종을 분해하거나 그것들을 더 유용한 형태로 전환하는 “지속가능한 화학”을 목표로 합니다. ​마치 식물이 광합성 작용을 하듯, 화학반응을 촉진시켜 온실가스로부터 유용한 화합물(e.g., 메탄올 등)을 제조하기 위한 나노물질 및 기초화학 반응을 연구합니다. 이 과정에서 화학반응 실험, 나노소재 합성 및 특성분석, 분광분석, 전기화학분석, 이론계산 등의 연구를 병행합니다. 해당 연구에 관심 있는 대학원생 연구원 및 학부 연수생을 아래와 같이 모집합니다.

1. 주요 연구분야

   > 금속, 금속산화물, 퀀텀닷 나노소재 합성 및 특성 분석

   > 빛-물질 상호작용 원리 이해 및 응용

   > 친환경 연료 생산, 에너지 전환저장, 인공광합성, 반응화학

        (e.g., 온실가스 전환 및 활용, 그린수소 생산 등)

   > 2차 미세먼지 생성물 제거, 실내공기 및 물 정화 촉매 개발

2. 모집 정보

   > 대학원생 연구원: 국내외 4년제 대학교 학사학위 기취득자 또는 동등의 학점취득인증자

   > 전공 학과: 화학, 응용화학, 화학공학, 재료공학, 에너지공학, 환경공학, 물리 및 관련 학과

   > 모집 일정: 매년 4월 말 (가을학기 입학 전형) + 10월 말 (봄학기 입학 전형)

   > 자세한 전형절차 및 응시자격(예: 영어성적 제출 등)은 아주대학교 홈페이지 참고 [Link]

3. 장학금 및 지원

   > 장학금(대학원 과정): BK 장학금 + 연구과제 참여에 따른 학위 과정 별 차등 지급

   > 국내외 학술대회 논문 발표 및 워크숍 참여 지원

   > 연구 및 교육 프로그램 지원

4. 문의

   > 이메일:

   > 랩전화: 031-219-3991

   > 랩위치: 아주대학교 에너지센터 104호

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